Free Mold

Free mold means literally freely usable mold for anyone. In general, the client(order) has the ownership on the mold. 

However, the Free mold can be used by anyone who wants to build the container using existing molds

Advantage of using Free mold (ready-made bottles)


1. Time & expense saving

You can save lead time and cost because you don’t need to wait and pay for opening mold.

2. Less MOQ

You can get bottles and accessories with less MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) by using existing molds.

Recommendable Client for Ready-made Bottles.

01. If you already have a sample product that you want to manufacture

02. If you are looking for cheaper price than the market price (Reduce the complex distribution margin)

03. Initial production over 10,000qty 

04. If the design of the container is simple 


We recommend you shop bottles from existing mold if you fulfill more than 2 conditions above.

 (must Including minimum quantity) 

Procedure of shopping bottles and caps 

1. Production Inquiry

- Email

- Telephone

2. Consultation 

- Telephone consultation

- Face-to-face consultation

3. Prototype Check

4. Receive Quotation

5. Place an order