Custom-made Bottle

We assist you with bottle production with the client desired design and size for various packaging containers through Korea and China manufacturer.

By using custom-made bottle service, you can decide all details of bottles.

Make your own bottle!

Procedure of Customizing Service 

1. Document Preparation

- Product information

- Product specification

- Contact information

2. Send Inquiry

- Email

- Telephone

3.  Consultation

- Telephone consultation

- Face-to-face consultation

4. Received Quote 

5.  Place an order 

6.  Open mold

We recommend the import service to the company whom,

01. looking for an overseas manufacturing company who has plastic mold specialist

02. looking for a Korean manufacturer due to the product quality issue

03. looking for competitive price especially better price than online platform including Alibaba

04. looking for an manufacturer that can communicate smoothly especially about the defect matter and can come up with the countermeasure quickly.

05. looking for a new reliable business partner to keep the securing transaction stability


If above those conditions tick your boxes, then we recommend you the bottle customizing service.